Straw Bale Cafe Relaunch

We have officially re-launched  The Straw Bale Café at Greenslate Community Farm.  The Straw bale Café is a social enterprise similar to the Langan’s model run by people in recovery and people from the care farm. The Straw bale building is part of Greenslate Community Farm and was originally built with funding from PHE, it takes its name from the materials it is constructed from, the straw bales are clearly visible through framed panels on either side of its balcony doors.

We are delighted to announce that a partnership between BAC, We are With You and Greenslate Community Farm has been commissioned by Wigan Council, we will be running the café and delivering the community rehab programme.  Like many places the café had to close during the pandemic but we are now bringing it back to life.

Greenslate Community Farm is set within 25 acres of farm and woodlands on the side of Billinge Hill on the outskirts of Wigan. Formerly a disused council-run education farm, the aim of the project is to utilise the farm as a community resource, providing volunteering, training, education and therapeutic activities, as well as providing naturally grown food to the café and local community.  The vegetables are grown without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. The animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, goats and sheep) all play an important part in the crop rotation system helping to prepare and fertilise the fields, remove weeds and pests from the land as well as providing free range eggs. This is a ‘regenerative’ process aimed at building soil and supporting wildlife. It allows the animals to enjoy their natural behaviour whilst benefiting the farm, they are cared for and respected. Food grown on the farm is sold at the onsite shop and is also supplied to local cafes and farm shops.

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