Noreen Oliver MBE receives Honorary Doctor of Letters

Noreen has been honoured with the prestigious Award of Honorary Doctor of Letters in recognition of her remarkable achievements. She singlehandedly established one of the UK’s most successful addiction rehabilitation programs, which has saved countless lives across the country, including in Staffordshire. Despite facing numerous challenges, she has consistently supported local communities and collaborated with Staffordshire University students to enhance services and emphasize the importance of rehabilitation.

This accolade also acknowledges her exceptional advocacy and diplomatic skills in uniting academics, rehabilitation service providers, and organizations related to drug and alcohol issues to form The Recovery Group UK. This group is dedicated to building a balanced, integrated, and seamless treatment system with a strong focus on recovery. Noreen has been a driving force in advancing the field of rehabilitation and abstinence-based recovery, speaking at symposiums in the UK and Europe and serving in roles such as a member of the Community, Voluntary, and Local Services Honours Committee and Director of The Centre for Social Justice.

BAC Strategic Director, Kendra Gray says: “We are so thrilled for Noreen to be recognised in this way. Over the 18 years I have worked with Noreen she has never lost sight of why she set BAC up 25 years ago which was to improve the lives of individuals, families and communities, and despite her own personal health challenges she has continued to be the voice for recovery. As a result of what Noreen did all those years ago the centre has now helped thousands of people to realise their dreams and live life to the fullest. Nobody deserves this honour more than Noreen and we are all extremely proud of her and to work at BAC O’Connor.”

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