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The length of stay will vary; we all have different circumstances, some will stay in rehab for a few weeks and some will need a few months you need to listen to the advice given to you.

At BAC O’Connor we have more than 20 years’ experience and for many members of staff they also have many years of personal experience. Keep an open mind and remember your length of stay should not be determined on when you can fit it in. Try to think of all the years of abuse and the years ahead if you do not get it right, everything that you have lost through addiction, pride and emotional feelings around this will be strong. Your addiction is strong, look at all it has taken from you.

For most it is hard to cover all those years and consequences in a few weeks, you do not want to leave rehab with unfinished business when it should be that having dealt with all your issues you leave rehab to start a whole new exciting chapter of your life.

During the admission process we will work through our Welcome Pack with you, this provides lots of useful information to help you settle in and explain our house rules.  If you have any questions about this before assessment and admission please give our friendly team a call on 01283 537280 or email reception@bacandoconnor.co.uk and we will be pleased to answer any questions.


BAC O’Connor accepts requests for treatment from both statutory funded and private paying individuals.

People tend to think of rehab as something celebs go to and it must cost a fortune, that is wrong; of course we are all individuals and so we have different needs which will mean different care plans, so your stay can range from 4 weeks (including detox) to six months.

Remember, honestly look at what your addiction has cost you and how much it will cost you not just financially but in all aspects of your life if you do not get serious about getting into recovery. If you are considering rehabilitation it is worth asking your local authority if we are on their “framework” which means that we have been approved by that drug & alcohol commissioning team so they will fund your rehab programme for the weeks or months your treatment plan recommends. If you are not eligible for local authority funding you may wish to consider privately funding your treatment.

Please remember we are in times of austerity and drug & alcohol misuse is not a vote winner so do not be surprised if your local authority does not fund rehab anymore, many do not.

Private paying clients

We provide a range of packages for private admissions which are tailored to meet individual needs in terms of both treatment and length of stay.

Our private admissions brochure provides more detail on the services available; our admissions team are able to provide more information and discuss your individual requirements so please contact us today.