How To Completely Detox From Alcohol

Drinking with friends can be a social experience that enlightens your world. Not only can it relax your body and mind, but it can provide you with stress relief. In moderation, it can be a positive and welcome addition to your life. However, when drink becomes a constant revolution of feeling poorly and down, it is time to intervene.

At The BAC O’Connor Centre, in Staffordshire, we work with a number of individuals who have various degrees of alcoholic misuse and dependence who require our expert help. We help people to detox from alcohol and start the process of feeling positive once more from our medical detox unit set in an Edwardian homely house in Burton-on-Trent.

How does our detox alcohol service work at BAC O’Connor?

Our goal is to make sure that you detox from alcohol in a safe medically supervised environment for a set period of time. This is the ideal platform for you to begin the recovery process and it will show you to that you can live, be happy and find the strength inside yourself to stop drinking. Part of our range of services is holistic and therapeutic treatments which we will introduce to you during your stay, you will be served delicious nutritional meals and cared for by a passionate and professional team, you will also have the opportunity to meet other clients at various stages of recovery and talk to individuals who have been in your shoes and will support you.

For more information and to discuss your options today, get in contact with our professional team.