Frank's Story - Addiction In My Words


The path my life took into addiction looking back may have started at birth. Parents in an unhappy relationship, mother with post natal depression with me picking up on anxiety in the household.

At the age of 9 parents separated then father died from Bowel cancer when I was 15. By this time I was already taking drugs and drinking to fit in with my peers, these peers, like myself, were not coping with life without a substance to avoid reality.

From this point my addiction would swap and change; it wasn’t always a substance, gambling also took over my life for about 5 years, and when I managed to stop one addiction another would replace it.

For so many years I thought I could control it, I was wrong. I had already lost my mortgage, jobs, relationship and then the class ’A’s got me Heroin and Cocaine. My life fell apart; I couldn’t cope with life anymore. I was physically and mentally broken, I needed help. I’d been in prison 9 times thinking to myself each time, this time I will stay clean. It never happened. I was crying out for help not knowing which way to turn, and then I heard about the BAC (Burton Addiction Centre).

My life has now changed so much, I’m 1 year clean, and I’ve found a balance in my life mentally, physically and spiritually. The BAC Programme has helped me to look at my past, given me tools to cope with in the future and every issue in my life has been looked at with support from the BAC.

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